Sometimes the picture finds you.

It`s such a curious phenomenon the way the brain works. I was looking for some ideas to make some progress in the photo challenge I`m in. After the water theme I was stuck and couldn`t figure a good way to portray any of the themes available, and there are plenty! While trying to think about a meaningful way to say something about “music”, I started sketching some ideas. The best one I could get was the girl in the foreground, the bass in the background using the strings as the lines of a musical score and some colorful notes through the strings. Unfortunately, my sketches proved themselves useless, as I could not take a picture that expressed the idea in the drawing.

Next half an hour, I spent mad about the fact that the proportion of the bass arm was way off and the framing of the picture was terrible (besides, in real life I cannot just drop charcoal in the background and spread with my fingers…).

As I threw the paper musical notes I`d prepared for the photo shoot with the bass I saw the reflection of the paper through the glass of the table.

Add a flashgun, and a harp to the recipe and the picture is ready.

Not the product of my subjective expression, but the honest and authentic fruit of chance.

Cheerful Notes

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