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“Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.”

Edward Lorenz

“Chaos: When th…

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While I leave myself

A truthful hug

While my legs follow my steps

Empties my chest, leaves me breathless

I wanna follow, but I can only freeze motionless

A goodbye hug, carrying no love, no pain

In a second, I feel the lines being cut

And I fly freely somewhere

While my kingdom paralyzes

I can’t tell where do I go when I leave myself

Never asked let alone complained

Never knew it was some kind of goodbye

From me to myself

When I abandon what I`ve always called I

Clear`n`now foggy

Noisy`n`now silent

And so I seat and wait

While I know I`m somewhere hovering

Over the places I`ve ever wanted to reach.