My variation on a lame theme

My city, Brasilia, is a place of extremes

It has a harsh dry season with no color or green

Then, all of the sudden, it looks like spring

As yellow leafs fall and then flow with the wind

It`s a beautiful moment like no other I`ve seen

The city turns into yellow before it becomes green


It’s a magnificent spectacle as the “Ipês” (Tabebuia aurea) blossom. Usually flowers are colorful and vivid to attract bees and other pollinizing agents. In my city, the tree attracts a different kind of creature: the photographers. They pollinize the internet seeding pictures on Instagram, Facebook and god knows where else. Over the years, the “Ipê” turned into a very dull photographic theme, as you could virtually find every angle of every tree, day by day, online. Don’t get me wrong, the only reason for this movement is the inspiring beauty of the tree over our harsh background.

My friends, nonetheless, challenged each other into capturing the tree in a “non-lame” way. I went out with my camera and tried. I know the feeling of photographic defeat. It`s that weight on the shoulders after you look at the camera screen and sees a picture that doesn’t even resembles what you were trying.

So that`s it.

I actually don’t like, but accept defeat

And, as a token of humility present to your screen

My very best effort, into a lame theme. :o)

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