Hunter of light? I think not.

Until now, when asked, I couldn`t answer what I was trying to do when taking pictures. This weekend I was invited to think about it after reading the opinions of a group of photographers that self-proclaimed themselves as “hunters” of light. Each photography is a capture, a prize to be seen.

Once I heard that we define what we are partially by denying what we are not. That is pretty much the case. I couldn`t think of a worse definition to what I do when I press the shutter. While I understand that photography is just means to a greater objective, and while I recognize that the objectives will vary from person to person, the definition of hunter just sounded selfish. Who am I to capture something and call it my prize? What about the characters in the picture?

I went to sleep with that thought, and after dreams about the zombie outbreak, I woke up with my own definition about photography. In my pajamas, I thereby declared that my photography is not about capturing light. Pressing the shutter is about shedding light over true emotions. Once I produced that little and ephemeral reflection of my own self, I seat and hope that someone will identify themselves with it in their own way.

It is not about taking the best pictures in the world! It`s about taking a picture that people can share what I tried to express or, in the worst case, see something about me they don’t like.



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