A Brief moment of honesty

It only lasts for about thirty minutes after the photo session. Right after that time I start getting protective about my clicks. As I was talking to a friend and showing him some of my photos, I noticed that my older folders had tons of pictures each, most of it errors or pictures I wouldn’t use. It was possible to tell the story of how I got to the result just by showing the “frame-by-frame” attempts. In the end, there were more than 300mb of data in each folder, and only 5% came to use.

As I`m increasingly correcting my photos using on camera resources, I`m able to see, in the screen, if I achieved the intended result or not. Even on a 3in screen it`s possible to judge light, framing, expression, color and focus. Now all I have to do is ask myself two questions:

1. Would you print a 60in version of this picture, hang on the wall and be proud of it?

2. If not, with minor corrections on Photoshop, would you then do it?

It`s all about the path you choose for your pictures. An honorable death as part of the path to acquire a perfect representation of what we dream of (even when awake), a long walk to the “limbus” when a mediocre picture gets published and the world does the work of keeping it in oblivion, or a heartless memory of an error, right there, on your hard drive.

As an amateur photographer, I honestly can`t see a point in keeping dozens of pictures for each photo I try to take, nor I see a reason to try to save an error on Photoshop. What am I, a Photo Doctor Without Borders? How about be thankful for the opportunity to learn, hit the delete, and try again?

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